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Modular Building Systems

Modular Building Systems

The concept, used extensively in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand brings factory constructed steel framed units, constructed on an assembly line under a controlled environment together to form the finished unit that is then …
Mark Mattheus

Mark Mattheus

Kobie Potgieter

Kobie Potgieter

Modular Layout Drawings

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   Apartment/Semi Attached - 2 bedrooms


   Apartment/Semi Attached - 3 bedrooms


  Granny Flat - 1 bedroom


  Bachelor's cottage


  3d View of Bachelor's cottage


 Granny Flat - 1 Bedroom


 House  - 2 Bedroom


 3d View - 2 Bedroom house

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Overview on Modular Systems

General overview on the modular system with some modular layout drawings. For more detailed information regarding contruction of Modular Building Systems see our " Modular Building Systems feature" Read more