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Modular Building Systems

Modular Building Systems

The concept, used extensively in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand brings factory constructed steel framed units, constructed on an assembly line under a controlled environment together to form the finished unit that is then …
Mark Mattheus

Mark Mattheus

Kobie Potgieter

Kobie Potgieter

Mark Mattheus

Owner - MCM Property Developers

Mark Mattheus has been in the construction industry for more than 25 years.

Mark was born, raised and educated in Port Elizabeth and has shown great faith in Port Elizabeth by continuing his career in this fast developing city.

His experience in the construction industry covers a fast field including:
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Aggregate Crushing
  • Demolition & Implosions of structure and buildings
  • Major Bulk Earthworks
  • Dams, Roads & Bridges
  • Civil Services Infrastructure Development
  • Concrete Structure
  • Plant Hire
  • Residential Housing Developments
  • Commercial Developments
  • Industrial Warehousing Developments
  • Modular Building Systems

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Overview on Modular Systems

General overview on the modular system with some modular layout drawings. For more detailed information regarding contruction of Modular Building Systems see our " Modular Building Systems feature" Read more