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Modular Building Systems

Modular Building Systems

The concept, used extensively in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand brings factory constructed steel framed units, constructed on an assembly line under a controlled environment together to form the finished unit that is then …
Mark Mattheus

Mark Mattheus

Kobie Potgieter

Kobie Potgieter

Welcome to MCM Property Developers

MCM Property Developers have been developing and building top quality townhouses, individual houses, industrial and commercial buildings using conventional building methods.

Notable developments have been:

  • Ville de Taryn
  • Casa d 'Oro
  • Rob's Place
  • Plumblink Warehouse
  • Shukuma Offices
  • Remax House - Office development
  • Numerous individual homes in Lovemore Heights and elsewhere.

Strongly committed to using local products of the highest quality, we continue to serve the Eastern Cape in developing outstanding structures. With committed research and visits to the UK, Australia and USA we have identified that modular building systems as used all over the world will become more the preferred method of building because of its numerous advantages. This has led us to be one of a few companies pioneering this system of building in South Africa.

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Overview on Modular Systems

General overview on the modular system with some modular layout drawings. For more detailed information regarding contruction of Modular Building Systems see our " Modular Building Systems feature" Read more